Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Fudan University, based in Shanghai, China is where simon lichtenberg (Aller sur le site internet was awarded his Chinese Language diploma in 1988. Multilingualism is an advantage to a businessman like him, who is frequently concerned with international negotiations. By '93, Simon had developed an industry which, in time, started to trade furniture. Simon Lichtenberg was presented with an award in 2006 by the Shanghai Municipal Government for his significant contributions to the development of the city.

Simon Lichtenberg's Educational Background

In 2006, Simon Lichtenberg finished the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA - or Executive MBA) at CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School. A strong academic history: this is a prevalent property of the most prosperous businessmen who have accomplished their goals. Simon Lichtenberg has been successful in his educational endeavours and is considered a top entrepreneur in the world currently.

The Business of Simon Lichtenberg

After being a part of the timber industry for some time, entrepreneur Simon Lichtenberg established his own company in 1993. He wouldn't be one of the best businessmen in the world today if he hadn't diligently learned from making mistakes in running his business. All over the world more businesspeople are becoming known. Having been a part of the timber business previously, Simon Lichtenberg became involved in the furniture market.

Simon Lichtenberg's Trayton Group

Shanghai, China, is the home of Simon Lichtenberg's business, but there are also other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan. His corporation (Trayton Group) has efficiently carried out many projects, including starting the Trayton Foundation, which helped to light the city of Shanghai and in the fitting of rooftop solar power systems in the year 2012. In 1995, Simon Lichtenberg developed his organisation named the Trayton Group. Establishing their own organisation, into which they can put all of their energy, dedication and passion, is one of the finest accomplishments of business-minded people.